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CRP Information
Date: 29/05/2019
Abstract: CRP information

Certificate of Religious Practice at Alei Tzion in 2019

For admissions into most Jewish schools, parents are required to present the school with a Certificate of Religious Practice form (CRP) or a Supplementary Information Form (SIF). The CRP confirms Synagogue attendance, over a required amount of dates, as stipulated on the form. The SIF confirms knowledge of the family’s religious observance by completion of a questionnaire by a Rabbi. Different Jewish schools use either CRP or SIF. The majority of schools use CRP. The form/s are available through each school’s website, or office, and Alei Tzion does not provide you with the form/s.

If you need a SIF completed, please contact Rabbi Roselaar (rav@aleitzion.co.uk) to make arrangements for him to complete and sign it. Please make sure that you are fully aware of the requirements of the SIF for each school as they differ from school to school, and please ensure that you do not embarrass the Rabbi or yourselves by entering inaccurate information.

If the school you are applying to uses the CRP system, please see below.

CRP Registration

Alei Tzion will be using a token system in 2019 for administration of the CRP (Certificate of Religious Practice). To be entered into the school token system you must register by contacting Michelle Mitchell in advance (crp@aleitzion.co.uk). 

School tokens

Within 5 working days, you will be entered onto a spreadsheet and receive by email a PDF document with weekly dated tokens including your child’s name. It is expected that you print off your individual tokens to bring to Shul on Shabbat.

Shul attendance

When you enter the Shul on Shabbat there will be a box at the front desk that the token can be dropped into.  


Each week your attendance will be entered into our system.

Dates that are eligible for recording attendance at Shabbat morning synagogue services from 4 May 2019:

 4 May             
11 May            
18 May            
25 May
  1 June            
8 June

15 June
22 June            
29 June   
6 July     
13 July
20 July

27 July                   
 3 August
10 August
17 August              
24 August              
31 August 

7 September
14 September
21 September
28 September 
5 October
12 October

19 October             
26 October             
2 November           
9 November
16 November
23 November
30 November

7 December            
14 December
21 December
28 December          
  4 January             
  11 January