Welcome to Alei Tzion

A Modern Orthodox Religious Zionist Kehilla

  • A young and vibrant congregation
  • Daily Shacharit, Mincha and Maariv services
  • Complete Shabbat services, including 2 children's services
  • A dynamic spiritual leader in Rabbi Daniel Roselaar and his wife Naamah

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Membership at Alei Tzion

Welcome to the membership page for Alei Tzion.
Here you will find all the information necessary to join or renew your membership of our growing and vibrant Modern Orthodox community located in the heart of Hendon.

Our community offers a vast array of attractive benefits to members and your membership contribution will help to fund our annual running costs including our Rav, premises, learning programmes and children’s events, to name just a few.

We outline below the process for different types of membership. Should you have any questions please do contact Abigail Carmel (Board Representative for Membership) at membership@aleitzion.co.uk.

a) New Members

When you join Alei Tzion for the first time, you need to complete the standard United Synagogue Membership Application Form.
To obtain a form, please contact Jo Cowen, details at the bottom of the page.

b) Members transferring from another United Synagogue

We have a number of members who have transferred their membership to Alei Tzion as a result of moving home or other commitments.

If you would like to transfer your membership from another United Synagogue then please complete the United Synagogue Member Transfer Form.
To obtain a form, please contact Jo Cowen, details at the bottom of the page.

c) Tribe Community Membership (TCM)

We are delighted to have a growing number of Students and Young Professionals who are members of Alei Tzion through TCM.

In order to qualify as a TCM you must be single and aged 21 to 29. TCM provides you with full membership to Alei Tzion for a discounted rate.

Sign up as a TCM here: https://portal.tribeuk.com/account/tcm/register

d) Young Professionals

We recognise that some TCMs would like to contribute towards Alei Tzion in addition to their discounted membership rate. As such, we offer TCMs the ability to become Young Professional members of Alei Tzion.

The process for becoming a Young Professional member is as follows:

Membership Rates

Alei Tzion's membership year runs from January to December and anyone joining during the year will pay a pro-rata amount based on the annual membership rate.

Individual £360
Married Couple/Family £720
Children are covered by their parents' membership up to the age of 21 years
Newly Married If at least one partner is marrying for the first time then the following discounts will apply. Applicable only to marriages recognised by the United Synagogue.
First 12 monthsFree
From 1st wedding anniversary until December50% discount (pro rata) - £320
1st full year (Jan-Dec)50% discount - £320
2nd full year (Jan-Dec)£540
Tribe Community Member (TCM) £5 per month (by monthly direct debit) or £60 for the year
(Includes Funeral Expenses Scheme subscriptions)
TCM Graduate
1st year after TCM£180
2nd year after TCM£270
Funeral Expenses Scheme £93 per adult Member for the year
Children are covered by their parents' subscription up to the age of 21 years

Voluntary payments (£30 each):

  • Security Levy
  • Education
  • Board of Deputies
  • Supporting Jewish Students on Campus
  • Communities of tomorrow


Membership can be paid in the following ways:

  • Direct Debit
  • Credit Card
  • Cheque
  • Charity Vouchers (FES subs may not be paid by charity voucher)

For administration purposes, we do prefer direct debits; we will include a form in your membership pack.
We would encourage all members to sign Gift Aid forms as this allows Alei Tzion to earn another 28p in every pound; we will include a form in your membership pack.

Please note that concessions are available – nobody will be denied membership of Alei Tzion on financial grounds – so feel free to contact our Financial Representative on finance@aleitzion.co.uk on a strictly confidential basis.

Please send your membership form to Jo Cowan at one of the addresses below:

Jo Cowen
Alei Tzion
c/o 305 Ballards Lane
N12 8GB

Tel: 020 8343 5691
E-mail: aleitzion@theus.org.uk

If you are unable to post your membership form, it can be dropped into the designated Alei Tzion post box located in the Shul at the following address:

Alei Tzion
c/o LSJS Schaller House
44a Albert Road

Alternatively, you can scan the membership forms and send them to Jo Cowan at aleitzion@theus.org.uk.

If you have any further queries about membership or need assistance with your membership application, please contact Abigail Carmel (Board Representative for Membership) at membership@aleitzion.co.uk.